Mobile operators face wi-fi challenge

The UK’s mobile phone networks will come under attack today as wireless internet provider The Cloud announces a low-cost tariff for unlimited web access, making it easier for people to make free calls through the web from big cities, rather than use their mobile phones.The Cloud is Europe’s biggest operator of wireless technology, commonly called wi-fi, and its network is used by companies including BT, O2 and Nintendo. It is offering an £11.99 a month “all you can eat” internet deal covering 7,000 hotspots in Britain.

That’s pretty interesting, but it’s calls on VoIP, via Skype etc. I can’t see it forming much of a threat until the wi-fi/gsm phones come on stream. But it’s a great deal if you’re a travelling business person, still not as good as my current deal where for 5 pounds I get 3000minutes access to BT Openzone and T-Mobile hotspots. [via]

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