Comms manufacturers follow IBM’s lead in services

Telecoms equipment manufacturers are aiming to replicate IBM Corp’s successful reinvention as a services organization over the last 15 years, in order to offset growing pressure on the profitability of their product lines from Far Eastern suppliers.

This is an interesting development within the industry. I guess they would be looking for Telco’s to outsource the install and running of the networks to the hardware vendor. So I guess it almost becomes a one stop shop you buy the hardware, install and operation of the network as a bundle from a single provider.

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UK airports’ wi-fi flying high

Business travellers should prepare themselves for an extra connectivity boost – BAA has announced it will be rolling out wi-fi access across six of its airports this month. Stanstead airport was the first to go live earlier this week and will be followed this month by five other airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Southampton.

Not my usual airport’s, but flying out of Stanstead on a private trip to Dublin soon, but good news nonetheless. [via]
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Verizon offers $40bn for Vodafone stake in Verizon Wireless

We new this was coming and there was a strong hint last week. Vodafone has some issues right now that it needs to resolve quickly. Vodafone is having to answer some big question right now. It hasn’t done a lot over the last 18 months and has only put part’s of it’s business up for sale. It sold off part of it’s Nordic operation to Telenor recently, it’s Japan business is up for sale and now Verizon have placed a value of $40bn on it’s vodafone’s stake in the joint venture it was. I guess that values the current JV at approx $70bn. [via]

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HP, Huawei Ink Deal For Telecom Support Solution

Huawei will integrate HP’s OpenView OSS management software into its T2000, M2000, N2000 and I2000 network management platforms. The agreement specifically covers HP’s OpenView TeMIP fault management software, OpenView Performance Insight, Service Activator and Service Quality manager. Under the agreement, Huawei will offer HP’s consulting and integration services to its customers, to support deployment.

That’s a great bit of business by HP. Huawei is probably the fastest growing network hardware vendor out there. [via]

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