life after Lucent?

Om has a rather interesting post on what life is going to be like after the merger of Lucent and Alcatel.

How will Alcatel's proposed megadeal reshape the telecom landscape? Cisco might merge with Motorola, and a host of smaller companies will get snapped up.

I'm not sure if I could see Cisco and Motorola getting hitched, but that's an interesting prospect, you'd get some pretty thin VoIP phones out of it. 

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SIP enabled WM5 on the way?

Smartphone thoughts has a post about Windows Mobile 5 (WM5) being updated to include a SIP client. This would enable the devices to provide VoIP. Nokia has already launched dual GSM and Wi-Fi phones, so I guess Microsoft sees this as the next big battle in the mobile voice space in which to flex their muscle. [via]

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IBM: The ‘next big thing’ no longer exists

“If you’re looking for the next big thing, stop looking. There’s no such thing as the next big thing,” Nicholas Donofrio said.

I read this and thought of the old quote “everything that can be invented has been invented” and low and behold the comments had this..

In 1899, then Patent Commissioner, Charles H. Duell reportedly announced that “everything that can be invented has been invented.” Obviously, he waswrong as is Mr. Donofrio.

I think Nick has made a statement and I’m sure he may well come to regret those words. Don says it does, just that it doesn’t look big to IBM and I have to agree with him. [via]

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Should Google Buy Sun Microsystems?

Talk of an imminent sale of Sun Microsystems to Google has been swirling around trading floors and Silicon Valley for more than a week.

Wow, this really would bring Google in the same ball park as the big players. A huge Software and hardware business together along with their advertising business…wow. We’ll have to watch this one. [via]

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Vodafone sells Japanese arm for £9bn

Vodafone has completed the sale of its Japanese arm to local telecoms company Softbank in a deal that values the company at ¥1.8bn, or around £9bn.

In return for its 97 per cent stake in Japan’s third biggest operator, Vodafone KK, Vodafone will receive some £6.8bn in cash, of which £6bn will be distributed to shareholders.

We knew this was coming, so no real shock. So Voda has now shifted it’s Nordic business, it’s Japan business and soon it’s US business. Can it hang on to it’s image as one of the, if not the largest cellular operators? [via]
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T-Mobile UK Expected to Launch Affordable Flat Rate Data Plan

if our sources are to be believed, T-Mobile will announce – with some fanfare – a £7.50 per month flat rate data usage plan! Likely subject to a fairly relaxed ‘acceptable usage plan’ (1GB seems likely)

This could cause a bit of a shake up in the UK market if this price point is true. Current data rates are just nuts and a flat rate plan like this would grab a large slice of the market for sure. I’m of to check out which HTC devices they have in a few seconds. This and the talk of the wi-fi/gsm phone is starting to look very interesting. [via]

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