Microsoft’s Mobile VoIP

DailyWireless has a story on Microsoft’s up and coming VoIP software that will be part of their window’s mobile platform and office product set. It’s obvious MS wants to get into the mobile market and dominate that too. MS is slowly starting to dominate the smartphone OS market and figures it might as well get in on the VoIP business too and provide people with a complete communication package. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I’m all for mobile data, but I’d like to choose which components make up the productivity tool set that I use, in the same way I choose which browser and mp3 player I use.

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Cisco in Paris (part II)

Yesterday was a great day, an early flight from Amsterdam down to Paris and a 20 min taxi ride over to the hotel for the meeting. The Cisco team turned out to be the Global team for IBM, so it was great to talk with them about our delivery business in EMEA.  The meeting finished earlier than was planned and I managed to swap my business class seat on a later flight to an economy ticket on an earlier flight so I could get home earlier.

Some Lessons on RSS Ads from Feedburner

The lesson? It appears that the people who visit a site through a search engine or a link are a different bunch than those who subscribe through an RSS feed. The people who go to the site through a browser might be shopping around for a wireless device so they would respond to an ad for wireless gadgets. But someone who subscribes a feed already has a BlackBerry and the gear that goes with it. An ad encouraging them to buy a BlackBerry or even to dump the device for a Treo wouldn’t work.

Heather is so right.

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