Some Lessons on RSS Ads from Feedburner

The lesson? It appears that the people who visit a site through a search engine or a link are a different bunch than those who subscribe through an RSS feed. The people who go to the site through a browser might be shopping around for a wireless device so they would respond to an ad for wireless gadgets. But someone who subscribes a feed already has a BlackBerry and the gear that goes with it. An ad encouraging them to buy a BlackBerry or even to dump the device for a Treo wouldn’t work.

Heather is so right.

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Hosted GMail Arrives

Rob Hyndman has a great post on what little impact hosted Gmail really has at this point in time. Gmail or ‘Gpim’ has a long way to go before it beats tools such as Outlook and Notes.

Besides I can’t see the point right now, I don’t want to sign everything over to Google. I have a domain and I simply redirect my mail to which ever product serves my needs the best. When I use that email address nobody even knows which service I’m using underneath and that’s the way I like it. [via]

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Had the meeting with Verizon on Thursday morning. They brought their entire EMEA team along with a VP, and two senior Directors’, so it was a full meeting room. We asked them about Vodafone and Verison wireless, VPLS, their plans for 2006, the usual stuff. Didn’t ask them about the two tier internet though, didn’t get a chance.

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Cheshire Roofing Services are rubbish.

They don’t return your calls and don’t deliver on promises. I asked them to fix a single problem, they said they’d fixed it, I paid up, and it wasn’t fixed. ( if you want to know more.

The sooner we get plumbers etc from eBay and they have a feedback rating the better.

Hopefully people surfing for Chester Roofing Roof lead slating soffits guttering will find this page and avoid Cheshire Roofing Services.

There, I feel better already 🙂

Google’s new Desktop 3 will let Google store files from your hard disk

“Today we’re very pleased to announce the launch of Google Desktop 3 Beta. The new version comes loaded with features that make finding and sharing information even easier and more fun than before,” says the official Inside Google Desktop blog.

Wow, I think this would break the law in certain European countries, France in particular. [via]
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