Name your 1200 pound gorilla

a “Titanium Class mega-uber value” reader writes in James’ blog with the following view of IBM’s impending impact on VoIP.

Simply put, IBM is a force for change in the corporate world. When IBM comes out in favour of VoIP particular as it rolls out its VoIP platform, particularly through the IBM Global Services arm, the current hemorrhaging of the telcos is going to seem like a minor cut. IBM blessing plus the savings of VoIP (or more accurately a converged IP network) will convince many corporations to jump whole heartedly into the converged IP camp.

The posts starts with the following “IBM simply isn’t a consumer-facing company” That’s very true, My team for example, never touches a single consumer, which is why it’s been slightly difficult to get too worried about skype et al and to an extent the net neutrality argument isn’t that big a problem for me in the corporate telecoms space. It’s a corporate thing going on at IBM, we’re a company that businesses trust and maybe some consumers don’t trust, which is bad. But it’s why I take posts like this with a little pinch of salt, yes customer focus is key to any successful business, but old order and new order, come on. That’s just trying to justify new companies. You can do that without having to denigrate the old (read IBM).

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