IBM holds off on pension decision

This was interesting all Managers where invited to two hotels, one in London and one in Manchester for a Pensions meeting. Somebody tipped the press off and when the managers turned up, there was press everywhere.

Computer giant IBM is continuing to hold talks with employees about changes to its UK pension scheme.

The announcement comes amid speculation it is set to close its final salary pension scheme to existing members.

IBM said it has not yet made a final decision and is still discussing any changes with staff. [via]

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Travel etc

Apologies for all the Travel updates, but I’ve decided this blog should be just as much use for me as you. SoI’ve been updating all the recent hotels etc and the associatted tags so that I can find the good, bad and ugly hotels in the future.


We got an ON Digital PVR as a late Christmas present last weekend and I can’t wait to get it set up, but there’s one problem…no ariel. We had our old ariel pulled down when we had SKY installed. But we’re just about to have a loft conversion so when the builders have put the scaffolding up we’ll get a new ariel installed too.

It’s got an 80gb harddrive..I can’t wait to cancel SKY and chuck out the big black video recorder.

Busy Week

Back home at the weekend it’s been a busy week as we’re negotiating a contract clause with a partner. It was down to London Thursday and then over to Paris Thursday evening via Eurostar and then a BA flight back to Manchester on Friday evening.

Friday was just too hectic, a partner kick off meeting for 3 hours, followed by some prep on the contract negotiation then straight into an hour conf call with the Global team and the straight into a 55 minute meeting with another Telco before hoping on the shuttle to CDG.

Glad to be home.