Slacker Manager likes FolderShare

Slacker Manager is impressed with FolderShare.

Wow. I just tried out FolderShare this evening and it rocks. ROCKS! I don’t know where I’ve been that I hadn’t heard of this before, but it is super useful (and free!)

I guess it may work for people that aren’t familiar with FTP. It’s a shame it doesn’t use bittorrent technology to actualy shift the bit’s around. [via]

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The Year’s 10 Best Intranets

IBM’s intranet — known inside the company as the “w3 On Demand Workplace,” — has been selected as one of “The Year’s 10 Best Intranets” by the Nielsen Norman Group, a user experience research firm that advises companies on human-centered product and service design. IBM is the only information technology company recognized in this year’s report. [via]

It’s a pretty cool tool, that I use every day without fail. There is blog’s, wiki’s early adopter schemes all sorts of stuff…very cool.

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Sarin’s outsourcing plan to save Vodafone £300m

VODAFONE is considering a large technology-outsourcing deal that could save the mobile-phone company £300m a year. According to industry sources, IBM is the favourite to win a contract that could take in billing, software development and customer-relationship management.

I know we’re competing for this, can’t say anymore than that (ie. what you already know) [via]

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IBM holds off on pension decision

This was interesting all Managers where invited to two hotels, one in London and one in Manchester for a Pensions meeting. Somebody tipped the press off and when the managers turned up, there was press everywhere.

Computer giant IBM is continuing to hold talks with employees about changes to its UK pension scheme.

The announcement comes amid speculation it is set to close its final salary pension scheme to existing members.

IBM said it has not yet made a final decision and is still discussing any changes with staff. [via]

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Travel etc

Apologies for all the Travel updates, but I’ve decided this blog should be just as much use for me as you. SoI’ve been updating all the recent hotels etc and the associatted tags so that I can find the good, bad and ugly hotels in the future.