Arguing about how to bring computing to the poor

Scoble’s adding to the debate on bringing computing to the poor.

They’d rather have a cell phone than a big computer

I’m going to put my sceptics hat on here, but is this debate really about bringing computing to the poor or enabling a new market. We know there are 1 billion PC’s but there are already 2 billion mobile phones, so it’s a much larger market and one that’s growing every day.

But coming back to the PC or Mobile debate, I’ve always been a person that has put web surfing off until I get to my PC, but my new (ahem.. scoble) phone is just as capable at surfing the web as my PC, (bloglines, Gmail etc the mobile versions anyway) as my PC. I really think that the mobile will overtake the PC as the device that most people use to surf the web, the stats already show that browsing is a key app of a phone.

We also know that Google is looking how to make money in the mobile arena. So I would have thought that all the big players (Yahoo, MSN and Google) are trying to muscle in on the mobile space, which is why we’re seeing things such as this.

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