I currently use EverNote on my thinkpad as a catch all for stuff that I’ll need for later. It can capture web pages along with pretty much things. But there’s a downside it’s only on my thinkpad.

Now if clipmarks did word doc’s too, then maybe it’d be a winner. [via]

BTW Evernote is great for taking minutes in meetings..It saves everything the instance you write it. So no waiting for autosave, it’s saved.

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Wiki Wishlist

Every year we struggle as a Family to understand who wants what for Christmas and where you can get it from.

Not any more..

in the spirit of collaborative computing we now have a wishlist wiki.

The wishlist wiki is updated by the person with what they would like for Christmas, within reason of course, we can all ask for Power Books but you ain’t going to get one.

If you then buy the item for the person, you simply write "bought by Father Christmas" next to it.

It takes some of the surprise out of Christmas, but it means you get those iPod AV cables as opposed to yet more brown socks.

It’s actually become funny as some clothing items wanted by the younger generation are decidedly dodgy and Farther Christmas has commented so, questioning people if they really want to look like somebody from Saturday Night Fever.

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NBC programs available for download on iTunes

My recent purchase of a video iPod is looking better by the minute. TV shows via iTunes is a great step forward. I’m sure I’ve read that the BBC is doing making plans to make it’s content available.

What a great idea. charge people a license to watch it on their TV and then charge them again to watch it on their mobile device again.

I’m sure iTunes will do what it’s done to CD sales to DVD sales and why not. The ability to unbundle a song or single episode of a program is great news.

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