Orange not getting the N90

I was in the Orange store in Chester last week ending having a look at the current range of Orange Mobiles when I asked when the Nokia N90 would be coming to Orange. The Phone Trainer, that’s what they call the sales people in Orange stores, said that it had failed the Orange product test and therefore they wouldn’t be stocking it. Shame.

This takes me back to when Orange first launched and there was a choice of 3 phones phones and they never stocked Ericsson phones for ages due to quality issues.

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One thought on “Orange not getting the N90

  1. Oh Nooooo šŸ˜¦ I so want this phone, but I don’t really want to leave Orange šŸ˜¦ Looks like I might have to tho !!! Thanks for this post, have been searching for ages to find out why it’s not on the Orange site yet, as Orange Customer Services didn’t know anything!!!!

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