Linux for Mobility says Russ

I missed this post by Russ back in Sept, but as a user and follower of the pda & smart phone market for a long time it’s a very interesting post.

"Okay, I’ve had an opinion change I’d like to announce. I’m betting that the future of mobility will be Linux, and not Symbian" says Russ.

I’ve only ever seen one linux powered phone hit my radar screen before (sorry can’t find a link to it..doh!).

But this movement has only come about as the cost of memory has fallen to the point where it is possible to build a Linux device at an affordable price.

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FTP server

My home ftp server is working great right now. Before I left for Cardiff I set Bittorrent off downloading Series 3 of Spooks. I just logged on and checked the directory and it’s dragged 3 episodes down already and is busy with the fourth. Fantastic.

I might have a look an VNC again at some point. But can’t think of a good enough reason to move it up the priority list other than it’s a geeky thing to do.

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I’m away from home right now. My Gran isn’t too well so I’m down in Cardiff. I’ve been making the most of my BTOpenzone account and I’ve been getting online (just) with T-Mobile at starbucks.

My first trip to Starbuck yesterday was a disaster, I could get an IP address but the hotspot wouldn’t serve up the log on page so I was stuck in a almost connected nightmare.

This morning was almost as good. I checked I could get a log in screen before buying anything, which I did. So I bought a coffee and found a comfy seat and tried to log on. This time logged in fine but could get anywhere other than the T-Mobile log in screen..ahh!

A quick call to the their support people and a log out and log back in and all was working. I don’t know why I didn’t try that. I disabled the connection and re-connected but that didn’t fix it.

So anyway online at Starbuck on Cardiff’s queen street and catching up on my emails.

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Free Wireless for Nintendo Gamers

Wi-Fi service providers BT Openzone and The Cloud have signed deals
with video game manufacturer Nintendo UK to enable wireless internet
access to users of the Nintendo DS handheld console from 25 November.
Gamers will be able to access the internet at more than 7,500 Wi-Fi
hotspots throughout the UK.

This is an interesting deal, I wonder how much Nintendo had to pay to get this agreement. Maybe they didn’t have to pay anything, maybe the coffee shops stumped up something in return for having all this thumb twiddlers play and drink coffee in their establishments. If the gamers don’t drink coffee or eat muffins then I could see the coffee shops getting narked with them taking up all their comfy seats and no paying for anything.

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media clear out and future strategy

I’ve been having a media clean up this evening. The iTunes libary has started to fill up with tracks that it couldn’t find. The reason for this is that I’d moved some music to a shared file and left some sonewhere else and it quickly turned into a right mess.So I’ve no moved all music into a single folder in the shared file and deleted all the others.

I’ve done the same thing with the pics too. Moved them all to a single shared file and deleted the rest. I’ve even re-installed Picasa so that it pic’s up just the file I want it to and no others.

It’s amazing how quickly you can disappear into a world of duplicates and broken links. To stop this from happening again I’ve removed the "my music" and "my pictures" files from both my documents file and from Em’s my documents file too. That way we can’t put anything back there, only into the files in the shared file.

It’s help with the FTP server now too, as there’s only one place to look if I need any music.

The next problem I have is whether I maintain two iTunes libraries or just the one. At this point in time and owning a shuffle I need a library on my laptop so that I can change the music on my shuffle as I please.

Maybe if I replaced the shuffle with something else I wouldn’t need there’s a thought.

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Garage Sale

I’m having a clear out of the computer junk (and other junk) I’ve collected over the past year or so. The first thing to get put up on Ebay is a pair of Linksys WPC11 wireless cards. I used to use them before thinkpads came with wireless built in. I used one of them on a web server that was located under the stairs and connected to the wireless network…ah that brings back memories of when I had time to do geeky things that was 2BL (before lainey!)

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