BT launches metro Ethernet service

Businesses using BT EVLAN will have secure any-to-any Ethernet
connectivity between multiple sites in a single metro area thereby
avoiding the need to build expensive and inflexible networks. With
access speeds from 10, 100 and 1000Mbit/s, it offers companies
bandwidth flexibility which, coupled with an open IP environment, means
companies can also opt to manage their own IP layer.

This move by BT means that the list of Carriers offering Ethernet is growing. I haven’t had a deal use this technology from BT yet so I’m not able to comment on it.

Feedburner RSS

TechCrunch has an interesting post on Feedburner and the trouble of switching away your RSS feed. This follows on from some recent news on the DSC about RSS feed theft scams.

I moved my RSS feed to Feedburner a few months back.

eBay buys skype

The Internet auction company eBay has confirmed
that it is in negotiations to buy the VoIP operator, Skype
Technologies. Earlier, persistent rumours of a US$2.6 billion bid
affected eBay’s stock price, pushing it down by more than four per cent.

Such an acquisition will certainly propel eBay centre stage in the
Internet telephony arena but for what purpose and at what long-term


I just can’t see how Skype fit’s in with what eBay is doing?

Google’s Cerf to help build GoogleNet

Google just announced
that Vinton (Vint) Cerf, the longtime technologist who is widely known
as a “founding father” of the Internet, as Chief Internet Evangelist.
This is their continuing bid to acquire the best brains in the world. Cerf, one of the founding fathers of the Internet clearly qualifies.

Cerf will continue his leadership in the Internet community, and help
Google build network infrastructure, architectures, systems, and
standards for the next generation of Internet applications.

This looks as if Google is getting serious about this GoogleNet.

London Top Internet Hub City

Om has some interesting data on the bandwidth users of the world here.

Top Internet Hub City: London, 1.1 Tbps bandwidth, 439 Gbps peak traffic.
Top Internet Hub Country: United States, 1.4 Tbps bandwidth, 704 Gbps peak traffic.
Top Internet Route: London – New York, 320 Gbps bandwidth, 153 Gbps peak traffic.
Top Region for Traffic Growth: Latin America, 70% average growth.
Top ISP by Autonomous System Connectivity: MCI, 3,102 connections.
Top ISP by Number of Countries Connected: AT&T, 52 countries.
Cheapest Place to Buy GigE Backbone Access: United States, $13 per Mbps per month
Highest International Bandwidth per Capita: Denmark, 38 Kbps per person.