Black day for IBM traditionalists

But IBM’s PC business is now owned by Lenovo, the Chinese PC producer, which has now introduced a new shade to the Thinkpad range with the launch of a Z-Series laptop that comes both in a “classic black” case and with a “special-edition” brushed titanium cover. [via]

The above article goes on to say this is a risky move,,how? I think it’s a great one. we all now Thinkpads are great machines, but I’d love to wip out something other than a black slab.

I heard a story about how a lady exec wanted a new laptop. She liked the thinkpad and had them in the past  but she felt that she wanted something a bit more stylish so she chose a Sony.

Now if lenovo had been around then it would have got the sale.

It’s great news…where do I queue?

UK is an ultra competitive market

"Communications in the UK is an ultra competitive market and that level
of competition will continue to drive continual downward pressure on
prices," says Paul Reynolds, chief exec of BT Wholesale.
[via The Register]

The UK market it extremely fierce, but we’re seeing some consolidation such as C&W and Energis and I’m sure we’ll see a few more mergers yet. NTL and Telewest have been dancing around their handbags for a while now. Something has got to happen with one of the following, Thus, Colt and level3, they need something extra for them to compete in the market place.

Skype call forwarding

The newest beta version of internet telephony app Skype now includes call forwarding to one or more landlines.

This means power Skype users can make Skype their permanent number
which rings their home phone, mobile phone, office phone OR all three.
Skype for Windows 1.4 is still beta, but is available for download.
[via lifehacker]

Skype charges you for this facility, but I’m sure it’s cheaper than an ABC would charge. I remember using the BT call forward service when I ran my small businesses so that people could dial what they thought was an office and it was me on a mobile somewhere in the UK.

I’ve to check to see if Skype has Chester numbers, they didn’t last time I checked.