Black day for IBM traditionalists

But IBM’s PC business is now owned by Lenovo, the Chinese PC producer, which has now introduced a new shade to the Thinkpad range with the launch of a Z-Series laptop that comes both in a “classic black” case and with a “special-edition” brushed titanium cover. [via]

The above article goes on to say this is a risky move,,how? I think it’s a great one. we all now Thinkpads are great machines, but I’d love to wip out something other than a black slab.

I heard a story about how a lady exec wanted a new laptop. She liked the thinkpad and had them in the past  but she felt that she wanted something a bit more stylish so she chose a Sony.

Now if lenovo had been around then it would have got the sale.

It’s great news…where do I queue?

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