Clarke calls Europe to hold telecoms data for three years

The Home Secretary Charles Clark is spearheading a European effort to
convince internet and phone companies to keep private e-mails, text
messages and mobile phone records for up to three years.

I guess we’re going to see a price freeze or hike if this comes in,if there’s an increase in the amount of time that that data has to be held then the cost of storing all that data could be interesting.

How long do they have to hold that data for now though? I’ve been told but can’t remember

Sprint buys its way out of trouble

Sprint has pre-empted the continuation of a campaign by a Louisiana telco, US Unwired, against Sprint’s planned merger with Nextel Communications, and it has done so by the simple expedient of buying it, lock, stock and barrel. Sprint is spending US$1 billion in cash and will assume responsibility for $266 million of U.S. Unwired’s debt, basically to remove a thorn from its flesh. The buyout comes just a matter of days before Sprint and Nextel shareholders vote on the $35 billion merger between their two companies. [via]

wow, if it causes you trouble buy it.


I’m off to London tomorrow morning by train. I’m sure I’ll see more police than ever before at the stations. Back Thursday, so one night in the big smoke.

SKYPE as a back up

On the day of the london bombings I had 4 conf calls with the US. The first time I tried to join the call by dialing the US number I got a message from the BT lady saying "sorry all our lines are busy". I waited a while and then tried again, I got the same message.

Then it occured to me, I’ll use skype out, so I joined the conf call via skype. It was some global call too, people from the US, EMEA and AP.

It only cost about a pound for an hour, I’m sure that’s way cheaper than if I’d dialled from my desk phone as that show’s the cost of the call.

Voice added to ICT

voice was added today as a plug-in to IBM community tools (ICT). So now we have a SKYPE style tool for communicating with other IBMers. I’ve mailed the link out to a few of the guys so we’ll give them a day or so to get it installed and we’ll give it a whirl.

VOIP at home

My new Plantronics USB headset turned up the same day as the new printer. Loads of new toys last week, new printer, new headset, new carkit wow.

Anyway, been using it with the SIP phone on my thinkpad and have done all my conf calls (4 hours) today with it and it worked fine.

I lost a little quality when I clicked engagdet link in bloglines and the bandwidth went…but it works fine.