telephone number pad

I’ve been using my IP phone a bit lately and have made a few mistakes dialing pin numbers to get into the conference calls. It occured to me the reason why,  is that I’m used to using a number key pad with 1 in the top left hand corner and nine in the bottom right, a traditional phone number pad layout so to speak…


Whereas the number pad on my computer keypad is 1 in the bottom left and 9 in the top right ie. upside down.


I wonder how long before a ‘phone keyboard’ comes out with the numbers the traditional phone way around.

Before you say why don’t you have the numbers in memory and dial from memory..well you can’t put new random conf call numbers you don’t know into memory.

roll on proper intergration at the application layer.

Telecoms giants talk merger

ENERGIS and Cable & Wireless (C&W) have
begun merger negotiations in an attempt to create a new force in the
British telecoms market.

I heard this rumour a few weeks back now and a source from inside one of the companies confirmed it. I guess it’ll be structured in a way that makes it appear that C&W is buying Energis as Energis is currently owned by the banks following it’s financial problems a few years back. I’ve allways thought of these two as being big, but not that big. It’s going to make them very strong in the UK market place. I wonder what name they’ll go with?

Telecoms ‘key to getting UK out of a jam’

TELECOMS giant BT has warned that traffic congestion and pollution
will increase across the UK unless industry and government make greater
use of communications technology.

The firm says video conferencing, teleworking and other measures could lead to huge reductions in business travel.

BT director Adrian Hosford said the UK had the worst traffic
congestion in Europe and that "increasing the use of teleworking is
essential to reducing the amount of personal and business travel."

This is interesting as who’s the company holding up the roll out of ADSL and the growth of this market in the UK through slow adoption of LLU…if you don’t know by now you haven’t been reading this blog enough.

UK wins breakthrough on telecoms data storage

Britain has secured a breakthrough in its efforts to pass
controversial European Union-wide rules on storing telecommunications
and internet use in the wake of last week’s London bombings.

an emergency meeting in Brussels, European justice ministers agreed in
principle to adopting data retention legislation, which Britain has
said is vital to fight the terrorist threat. But they stopped short of
agreeing to specific measures.

It looks like this has gone a little further, I wonder how this affects the small providers.

IBM promotes blogging on the job

IBM plans to add blogging capabilities to the next version of its Workplace collaboration and development software, the company said on Wednesday. [via]

The tools are already there, but I guess if they make it even easier then great. I guess this would be able to create external blogs too.