VDSL2 gets ITU stamp of approval

After an intense 11 days of negotiation, an
International Telecommunications Union committee has ratified the new
VDSL2 standard, which promises considerably improved performance
compared to ADSL platforms. The ITU said in a statement on Friday that
VDSL2 offered ten times the performance of ADSL and was the most
suitable platform yet for allowing telecom operators to deploy HDTV and
other advanced video and television services.

I wonder what the Fibre providers the the premises (FTTP’s) are thinking about this.

Top telecoms groups, EU square up over rules review

Europe’s top telecoms groups called on the European Commission on
Tuesday to rethink fundamentally how it regulates the industry, but the
Brussels executive suggested big change was unlikely.

This isn’t very good news. I read an email today from a member of the team talking about how only the UK and Nordics had sorted out the regulatory issues. Not having the same regulations across the union is a nightmare.