Tune in to Orange for £10 per month

Running over Orange’s high-speed 3G network, the service – which will
be available from next week – has an initial line-up of 9 channels
including ITN News, CNN, Cartoon Network and extreme sports. Special
Big Brother and Celebrity Love Island channels have also been
developed. All of the channels will be streamed over the Orange 3G
network and are available through the new Orange TV section on Orange
World. Customers obviously need to be in a 3G coverage area to use the
[via TelecomTV]

That’s cool, not sure what the service would be like. I think it’s the first step to where people can decide what they watch and when. I don’t think people would mind adverts in the program, if they could choose what to watch and more importantly when to watch it.

BBC announces iMP content trial

BBC New Media has today (16 May 2005) announced the next phase in the development of the BBC’s interactive Media Player (iMP): an extensive three month content trial that will begin in September 2005.

iMP offers UK viewers the chance to catch up on TV and radio programmes they may have missed for up to seven days after they have been broadcast, using the internet to legally download programmes to their home computers. [via BBC Press Room]


Flikring mess

I’m cleaning out Flickr this evening, I had a tripple upload nightmare a few weeks back. So I’m going to try and clean it up.

Update: I’ve now cleaned out over 50 pages by clicking and deleting each image…come on Flickr ..please can we have a mass delete option for mess ups!!

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