Cool…Flikr has just given me two years for the price of one as I signed up for a pro account, they’ve also given me 2 pro accounts to give away and double the upload bandwidth to 2gb…top.


I’ve just been helping my old team out with their Wiki. IBM has Wiki’s available to anyone inside IBM, So the team have set one up on PDing Network faults. The Wiki’s even come with an xml feed, so my mind is now racing as to whether it can be used somewhere in my team or business.

Games, Podcasts and Pirates

I’m sure that it’s only the Gamers, the podcasting community and pirates that are the only people making the most of the fat DSL pipes we’re now being offered. I can’t see how any normal day to day use of the web (which is designed to work on very low bandwidths) can generate enough traffic to tip over the caps that some ISP’s are putting in place.

I met someone the other day who was telling me all about is 600gb MP3 (128bit encoding at that!) collection. I’ve burned 100 of my favorite albums onto my PC and it comes in at 5gb. So, do the maths..600gb equals 12,000 albums which if you’d bought them yourself at approx 10ukp per album is 120,000ukp worth of crystal cases and plastic disc’s….hmmm.

Fibre‚Äôs not coming home

Roger Darlington talks about Fibre to the Home. Fibre to the home will be too costly and unnessecary as DSL technologies improve. We’re up to 25mbps right now and that’ll grow with time trust me. I can see major business getting fibre as I mentioned before as it’s as cheap if not cheaper than MPLS for big bandwidths. We’ve not even started using WiMax.

Thought: Maybe the government (or far sighted councils) should make it part of the building regs that all new houses and housing estates should be connected using fibre.

economics will kill MPLS

LLU unbundling is going to change the face of the market for small bandwidth connectivity. The only reason DSL isn’t used for business connectivity is the SLA’s and inparticular the fix time, around 28 hours. LLU will mean operators able to provide unbundled DSL with fix times of between 2 and 4 hours.

High end connectivity the 100mb pipes are going to start becoming 1gb ethernet sooner rather than later as it’s almost as cheap to provide the fibre as it is an MPLS circuit. There’s a glut of fibre in the ground that is now starting to be used.

So MPLS will be left with the middle of the market 25 – 100mb, which isn’t alot of a market to be chasing after.

MPLS is too complicated too, so bring it on Ethernet everwhere…not far to that dumb network now.

9.99 for 512K broadband

ukonline has reduced the cost of a basic broadband service to less than a tenner. The only catch is that your exchange has to be one of the ones that has been unbundled. So if you’re exchange hasn’t been unbundled then it’s 19.99..not so good. Somebody I spoke to during the week mentioned that OFCOM weren’t too pleased by this, splitting the country into those without broadband altogether, those with broadband and now those with broadband cheap as chips.