I need to upload some of the photo’s on my phone to Flickr soon as they are starting to build up. i took a reasonable number in Paris including the view from my club president roof terrace 😉


Just uploading the latest maps to my GPS snooper via RS232..I haven’t played with anything for years that has an RS232 interface. The snooper itself has a power cable and then an RS232 cable. I don’t understand why it couldn’t have had a USB connection. Then only one cable would have been needed…anyway..back to the downloading.

Club president

I stayed in the Meridian Etoile Hotel and in the Club president floor. It was cool…you had you’re on swipe card access to the floor and it was great watching peoples faces as you jumped into the lift and pressed “club president”..I overheard one american couple talking softly saying “who is that guy he famous?” …i wish.

To be honest I’ve no idea how I ended up on the club president was all booked by my secretary, the most efficient Marilyn.

GC back from 11

Global Crossing have been in touch..this is what the email I recieved said.."GC is trying to start growing the business now that they are out of chapter 11".

It’s just interesting to hear they are back.

sitting in an airport (again)

I’m currently sat in a smoky bar at terminal 2 CDG airport, Paris..again. This time the wireless is working and for 10 euro’s I’m online. I’ve just done my mail and have grabbed some podcasts to listen to on the plane. But now I’m just surfing around.

I’ve spend two days with our telco procurement team building upon our superb relationship and explaining to them where I’m trying to take my Purchased Telecom teams across EMEA.

We had some great conversations in a superb resturant last night around disintermediation and specifically podcasting and skype. Skype was used even by the less ‘techy’ members of the team which was interesting news.

My health kick is still going well as I’m drinking "The verte".

What’s in my bag

From ejhdigdug

I find the flickr tag "what’s in my bag" interesting, it’s great to see into people’s bags and see what they carry around with them. I used to carry a whole heap of junk as a techie, serial cables, cisco roll over cables, screwdrivers and other assorted junk.

I’m determined to have a go doing one, maybe tomorrow, before I leave. But it’ll be dull as I try and travel as light as possible.