Worlds apart

This worries me slightly, and I’ll talk about it here rather than even more comments on Roger’s blog.

Roger posted a few days back about how is friend has written a book on Online Radio.."How internet radio can change the world".

About 10 days later Om Malik posts on the topic too..but his view is worlds apart, his post title is "Who needs online Radio".

Roger’s pal, Eric Lee has missed the boat a little. who needs all the hassle of online radio and specifically radio broadcasting when you have podcasting is my view and that of Om too.

Now the reason why this worries me, Roger has a role at OFCOM on the consumer panel, so? you ask, well, Roger is writing about books that are, not quite years but, definitely months (things move fast on the ‘tinternet’) behind.

I don’t think Roger knows about podcasting (I’ve searched his blog and there’s no mention).

Please Roger tell me that as member of the consumer panel that you’re aware of podcasting and therefore aware of the trends of the consumer and that you honestly don’t think internet radio can change the world.

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