Colt says UK market slow

"We do not anticipate any significant improvement in market conditions during 2005,"  Said Colt chairman Barry Bateman. [via the register]

I starting to think that the US consolidation will come to the UK soon. There’s just too many Telco’s and not enough business to go around. Some of the big players are bound to start picking off the smaller players sooner rather than latter. Take london there are 42 fibre vendors alone, that’s just nuts. Colt just may be one of the Telco’s in good enough financial shape to kick the consolidation into motion.

back from London

I’m back home after spending four days in london, Two of the days were spent working on complaince issues. We’re working real hard in this area and the team really made an effort and everybody invested a whole load of time in the work. We had a lady over from the US to help and she was great, she knew the business inside out and had a great sense of homour.

We managed to finish our workshop on time and I managed to get home so that the wife could make her work team’s night out.

So I’m catching up on mail, blog’s and the papers that have piled up.

delicious monster

I read about this in today’s Observer too, it’s called Delicious library. it looks pretty funky, it allows you to build up a database of all your books and CD’s by scanning the bar code in via a web cam, it then looks them up on amazon and bingo all the info is there….but where on earth will I find the time to do all that!!

BT’s $10bn network upgrade

BT will anounce it’s $10bn network upgrade to an IP only network. This may turn out to be a shrewd move in the UK and the quadruple play I mentioned in my last post will be based around, TV, Voice, Internet and Mobile. But let’s write those out again with the technology behind them that will be used..IPTV, VOIP, IP and Wvoip. So a hugely scalable IP network to cope with the bandwidths we’re talking about here may turn out to be pretty usefull.

The age of the supernet

The Business has
a very interesting article
on the consolidation of the US telco’s and
looks at why they are doing it.  Whilst doing my presentation back in Amsterdam to the Network Service
business line (70 people) I told them then that the likes of the SBC and
AT&T merger would lead to companies not competing against other telco’s but
against companies such as Time Warner. The new war will be for the quadruple
play and it’ll be between the telco’s, the cable companies, the studios with
their vast back catalogues of content along with the mobile operators too. As
the article says, there are two many players involved in the four (TV, Internet, Voice
and   Mobile)
businesses that make up the quadruple play, so we’ll expect to see some more