PC rebuild

As I mentioned a few days ago the HD on the house PC was clicking away and due to die at any moment. So I bought a new 120gb HD and some more ram and a new case and CPU fan along with a new silent power supply too. I spent most of yesterday installing it all and re-installing XP. Well it’s all back up and running and making a lot less noise than it used to.

The whole job was fun and made me think about taking it further to making either the house PC or another PC silent….but i doudt I’ll ever get around to it…ho hum.

First week with the SPV C500

It’s been over a week now since it arrived and so far I’m impressed. It does what it says on the tin, it’s a smart phone.  It syncs up to my Lotus Notes via mNotes which is great. So I can read my Notes on the go and have an uptodate calendar and to-do list all on the go. Surfing the web, well tried it and it works but why bother when it’s available all day at work and at home.

I’ve tried IpodderSP and it works fine…I’m running ppctunes right now, but I’ve just written them a snotty email as the software doesn’t do what the web page says…it doesn’t sync more like copies and re-copies a playist not playlists (more than one).

Otherwise, great, sound quality really impressed, the speaker phone is great too…all in all I think the reviews are right it’s a damn fine smart phone..thanks Mr Scoble.


All the financial papers are reporting it’s more advanced than they first thought. So is it a done deal..I don’t know, but it looks very likely. The interesting part will be what will the new company want to do here in EMEA, we can only wait and see.

Lotus Notes 7

I’ve just had my ID back to get onto the early adopters programme for Lotus Notes 7. So, as soon as I get some time, I’ll give the new tool a go. I was on the early adopters programme for Notes 6 which didn’t seen that far back too. I’m also took part in the WECM pilot too. So it’s pretty cool that it’s easy to get onto these programmes if you’re keen and interested within IBM. I’ll report any bugs and try and repay the team and ensure they keep doing this.

More mobile losses at Siemens

Germany’s Siemens group has seen another set of poor results from its
struggling mobile phone business. The Mobile Devices unit, which is part of
Siemens’ Communications division, made a loss of EUR143 million in its first
quarter ending 31 December, compared to a profit of EUR64 million in the same
period last year. This is the unit’s third straight quarterly loss. Sales fell
from EUR1.486 billion to EUR1.170 billion, while handset shipments dropped from
15.2 million units to 13.5 million. Siemens Communications reported a profit of
EUR240 million thanks to a EUR208 million gain from the sale of part of its
shares in Juniper Networks. The company says it will take “additional measures”
to help boost the mobile phones business. [via telegeography]

Somebody at Siemens needs to make a decision as to what they’re going to do with thier mobile unit. The handstes are OK, i’ve only seen a couple of people with Siemens handsets on my travels which indicates to me they’re not producing the right product. Maybe they need to link up with another provider as per SonyEricsson…LG perhaps?

BT wins USD500 million contract

BT Group and US drugs company Bristol-Myers Squibb have signed a USD500
million telecoms contract, according to analysts. The UK telco has refused to
comment on the value of the deal, but according to the CEO of its Global
Services division, Andy Green, it is ‘10 times’ the size of BT’s previous
telecoms projects carried out in the US. Under the terms of the deal, BT will
transfer Bristol-Myers’ voice and data communications network to a high-speed
fibre-optic network based on the latest switching technology. [via telegeography]

SBC said to be in talks to buy AT&T

SBC Communications, the second-largest regional phone company in the nation, is in talks to buy AT&T for more than $16 billion, according to executives close to the negotiations.


deal, if reached, would be the final chapter in the 120-year history of
AT&T, the first technological giant of the modern age and the
original model for telecommunications companies worldwide. A deal would
be a reunion of sorts, putting back together some of the largest pieces
of the Ma Bell telephone monopoly, which was broken up in 1984.

talks, which the executives described as “fluid” and “very, very
sensitive” would unite SBC, a Baby Bell with some 50 million local-line
customers, with AT&T, its much-diminished former parent. [via Ft.com]