Is printing on the wall for Fiorina?

If you strapped enough LaserJet printers together, could you make a life

At some point during the past few days, Carly Fiorina must have pondered the

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Hewlett-Packard’s board is
considering a plan to take some of Fiorina’s chief executive authority away and
divvy it up among three underlings.
[via Houston Chronicle]

I read somewhere the other day that the share price of HP was 21 dollars and that if you ripped out the printer business from HP that it’s share price alone would be around the 21 dollar mark. So it’s other business interests are dragging the money making business. So obviously the board has thought maybe it’s time to do somehting about this and split/sell off part of the business to realise some of that money, which must be billions for the printer business.

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