BT goes on spending spree to challenge IBM

BT Global Services, the international arm of the telecoms group,
is to spend hundreds of millions of pounds on further acquisitions in a bid to
challenge IBM in the IT services sector.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Andy Green, the
head of the division, said the group is planning a string of further
acquisitions. The telecoms group has already spent $1.4bn (£740m) in the past
nine months to
buy two US businesses
, Infonet and Radianz, and Albacom in Italy.

"We are actively looking at everything that’s moving in the
marketplace. But don’t get this out of proportion. Hundreds of millions of
dollars is about the range you should be looking at," he said, adding that
Europe would be a key area for expansion.
[via Telegraph Money]

This is nothing new really…it’s clear that BT has a dying phone business and needs to do something about it. Hence it’s push into services. But as Martin has suggested a few times is, that BT lacks a clear vision.

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