First week with the SPV C500

It’s been over a week now since it arrived and so far I’m impressed. It does what it says on the tin, it’s a smart phone.  It syncs up to my Lotus Notes via mNotes which is great. So I can read my Notes on the go and have an uptodate calendar and to-do list all on the go. Surfing the web, well tried it and it works but why bother when it’s available all day at work and at home.

I’ve tried IpodderSP and it works fine…I’m running ppctunes right now, but I’ve just written them a snotty email as the software doesn’t do what the web page says…it doesn’t sync more like copies and re-copies a playist not playlists (more than one).

Otherwise, great, sound quality really impressed, the speaker phone is great too…all in all I think the reviews are right it’s a damn fine smart phone..thanks Mr Scoble.

2 thoughts on “First week with the SPV C500

  1. Can anyone please help me out? I’m using mnotes on my pocket PC. Does anyone know how I would be able to replicate mnotes with the server thru GPRS?

  2. Hi Enrison,

    I’m using Mnotes too, it’s a great product. The synching via GPRS is a more complex operation than normal synching due to the server side requirements. The pdf manual with Mnotes explains how it all works.


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