More mobile losses at Siemens

Germany’s Siemens group has seen another set of poor results from its
struggling mobile phone business. The Mobile Devices unit, which is part of
Siemens’ Communications division, made a loss of EUR143 million in its first
quarter ending 31 December, compared to a profit of EUR64 million in the same
period last year. This is the unit’s third straight quarterly loss. Sales fell
from EUR1.486 billion to EUR1.170 billion, while handset shipments dropped from
15.2 million units to 13.5 million. Siemens Communications reported a profit of
EUR240 million thanks to a EUR208 million gain from the sale of part of its
shares in Juniper Networks. The company says it will take “additional measures”
to help boost the mobile phones business. [via telegeography]

Somebody at Siemens needs to make a decision as to what they’re going to do with thier mobile unit. The handstes are OK, i’ve only seen a couple of people with Siemens handsets on my travels which indicates to me they’re not producing the right product. Maybe they need to link up with another provider as per SonyEricsson…LG perhaps?

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