Boingo & Openzone

I’ve now setup a BT openzone account so that I can purchase vouchers online via a credit card. But I’ve also managed to set up a Boingo account too. This was an interesting task as when you’re filling out the form there’s no option to select the united kingdom!…ahh.

So my first thoughts were ah, no option to register, then it occured to me that I could register! dad lives in spain so I called him up (no skype here) and asked him if he’d mind and he didn’t. So I registered with my dad’s address in spain and bingo..or should that be boingo!.

So I can now surf UK wireless networks at $7.95 (£4!) for 24 hours..compared with the BT openzone price of £10 ..that’s less than the openzone price of an hour (£6.) I’ve got both setup now, Boingo and Openzone so I should have all bases covered!

So I’ll give it all a whirl next week, I’m off to madrid on Monday.

VMNO and VHM’s

I can’t find the link now, but it’s a great idea, Apple as a VMNO. Russ Beattie talked about how Apple would/could produce a mobile phone with the same syle as the ipod. Well the blog I read took that one further, an Apple phone on an Apple network. Everything could be intergrated in a seamless package., phone, network, billing and logo’s.

The idea then leads onto what else could be done using the VMNO (Virtual Mobile Network Operator)?..could we see a Microsoft network connecting the smartphones? A Palm network for all the Treo’s out there?

Orange and Vodafone are going the other way, they are already network operators but they are becoming "VHM" virtual handset manufacturers. The Orange branded handests such as the SPV is an prime example. Vodafone is currently having a fight with nokia over how a new phone is branded on it’s ‘vodafone live’ network.

I guess that would be interesting for the likes of Nokia as I’m sure it won’t want to pass control of the branding to the networks as it would be terminal for them.

C&W’s $150 million broadband roll out

Cable & Wireless plc (NYSE: CWPmessage board)
is significantly ramping up its investment in local loop unbundling
(LLU) in the U.K., and plans to spend up to £85 million ($152.5
million) on central office broadband systems by March 2006.

The carrier, which bought its way into the LLU market earlier this year with the acquisition of Bulldog Communications Ltd.,
is targeting the top end of the broadband user market in an effort to
generate annual revenues of £250 million ($449 million) a year within
four years (see C&W Buys British Bulldog
[via light reading]

This news comes from back in September but I picked it up after reading about the kit C&W  intends to use to do this roll-out with. It was only a few weeks back that C&W’s share price shot up on rumor’s that the UK business would be split off and given £200m and left to get on with it. I bet the C&W execs look back on their deal with NTL in disbelief, they parted with their consumer business and now they are trying to get it back.

IP Phone

I’ve moved from the early adopters trial IP phone to the standard role out version. The only difference I can see it that there’s an IBM logo in the virtual phone screen now.

However, the headset I use a plantronics one that plugs in to the mic and speaker socket as opposed to a USB version sounds awful. It worked fine on the old IP phone but now sounds crap…So I’ll have to go order the USB plantronics headset to see if that makes a difference.