Boingo & Openzone

I’ve now setup a BT openzone account so that I can purchase vouchers online via a credit card. But I’ve also managed to set up a Boingo account too. This was an interesting task as when you’re filling out the form there’s no option to select the united kingdom!…ahh.

So my first thoughts were ah, no option to register, then it occured to me that I could register! dad lives in spain so I called him up (no skype here) and asked him if he’d mind and he didn’t. So I registered with my dad’s address in spain and bingo..or should that be boingo!.

So I can now surf UK wireless networks at $7.95 (£4!) for 24 hours..compared with the BT openzone price of £10 ..that’s less than the openzone price of an hour (£6.) I’ve got both setup now, Boingo and Openzone so I should have all bases covered!

So I’ll give it all a whirl next week, I’m off to madrid on Monday.

One thought on “Boingo & Openzone

  1. Refusing to take foreign credit cards issued by another EU country is illegal, as the airlines recently found out. Price discrimination by nationality = heavy fines. Telcos watch out!

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