Royal wedding

There was a Royal wedding in Chester today, even the Queen was here. So we went to Manchester instead. Trafford Park to be precise.

BTW Typepad has changed it’s editing window today. You can change the text colour too now.

Back in the UK

Back home, it’s a tad wierd commuting to Amsterdam just for the day, but for total journey time, it’s quicker to get to Amsterdam than London both by car and train..nuts.

Anyway.. spent the day discussing how best to tender the customers network requirements for the 4 Geo’s. The solution managers don’t have a lot of time (do they ever!) so we decided on as few as possible providers to send the RFP too. We got a lawyer in for an hour to check out our stratergy and assumptions around the central network contract.

The new Amsterdam offices are very nice and new! (you could still smell paint!)


It’s getting a bit mad around here at the moment, I’m off to Sweden for tomorrow and Wednesday and I’ve now been requested to join a meeting in Amsterdam for the day on Thursday. So I’ve got my assistant checking out flight times etc as I’d like to do it in a day, there and back, no hotel.

So it’ll be a day of mostly packing and sorting my stuff out tomorrow to make sure my two trips go ok in between the calls I’ve already got booked in for the day.


I’m off to Stockholm, Sweden tomorrow; I’ve got a meeting with my Nordics manager and his team in IBM Kista so I’ll be there most of Wednesday. I’m flying business class with SAS, which is nice.