mNotes – broken

My copy of mNotes has broken and I can’t sync my calendar and mail files to my palm right now…argh!.

I’m sending emails back and forth to their tech support who seam very help full so far.

UPDATE: Fixed…I’d changed the location of my mail file within the notes location doc. I’ve put it back and bingo all works again now.

Thanks to Commontime help team!

Curry in the UK

listening to Adam Curry talk about Freeview on DSC-2004-11-20. It’s interesting to hear an ‘outsiders’ view of technology that we’re taking for granted…if you listening to it and take his view of tech here in the UK..Curry…"totaly loves"  then maybe the UK isn’t doing too bad.


The number of VNO’s in the market place is becoming clearer. Another has come to my attention over the past few days, Virtela.  So I’m now aware of Vanco, Virtela, Nexagent and DMData (IBM owned). I’m sure there’s more out there though.

EMEA Team meeting

I’ve spent three days of the last week in IBM Bedfont lakes. Bedfont lakes was used as the baddies headquaters in the James Bond Film Tomorrow Never Dies. 

I got to hear about the regional managers, North, West, Central etc had to say about their networking problems and concerns and the projects they were working on to make things better.

I also got to present on where Purchased Telecoms is going in 2005. I’m not going to give anything away here..but I’m sure the suppliers across EMEA will hear soon enough.

Nordics – DMData

The EU will soon  approve IBM’s purchase of DMData and IBM will have a VNO in the Nordics. This is an interesting position for Networking in EMEA for IBM. I’ll be having more conversations with my Nordics Manager as to how we can leverage the investment that has taken place to benefit IBM not only in the Nordics but may be other area’s of EMEA.

All in all it’s a very interesting prospect for IBM in the Nordics. IBM is now the largest purchaser of networking in the Nordics’ region, (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland etc).  So there’s quite a few suppliers looking to talk to us and my Nordics PTSL manager in the region.

New York trip

It was OK,  didn’t get to see much, airplane, car, hotel, office and then it all in reverse.

I had a driver which was cool,  so somebody picked me up and dropped me off every where. 

The meeting went well, it was good to hear that the US felt that EMEA had some good idea’s and that they were going to borrow some of our processes. It was also good to hear IBM’s stratergy moving forward too. I have a dotted line to a Vice President in the US who reports to the Global Networking General Manager for IBM, so it’s really interesting.

It was damn cold…and the beer..awfull.

I managed to watch the Manchurian candidate which hasn’t been released in the UK yet.