I’ve got a slot in my calendar this week to meet the new MCI VP for  EMEA. That should be interesting. MCI are very keen in the voice market place right now. But I still hear talk about them looking for somebody to buy them.

mNotes – broken

My copy of mNotes has broken and I can’t sync my calendar and mail files to my palm right now…argh!.

I’m sending emails back and forth to their tech support who seam very help full so far.

UPDATE: Fixed…I’d changed the location of my mail file within the notes location doc. I’ve put it back and bingo all works again now.

Thanks to Commontime help team!

Curry in the UK

listening to Adam Curry talk about Freeview on DSC-2004-11-20. It’s interesting to hear an ‘outsiders’ view of technology that we’re taking for granted…if you listening to it and take his view of tech here in the UK..Curry…"totaly loves"  then maybe the UK isn’t doing too bad.