Rural Broadband

Following on from my meeting with the UK government in the week, I spotted Om had an article on rural broadband. Anybody with any idea in technology knows that if you enable highspeed broadband into a community there’s going to be benefits, spin offs and somebody is gonna think of some damn good idea which we can all take advantage off. So come DTI stop pussy footing around and grasp the nettle and stop asking us to do it for you!

Gadget plan

My new plan for my PDA is to shift my Treo and replace it with a Tungsten T3. That will be able to hook up with my Sony Ericsson T610 via bluetooth. It also means my next new car will get a bluetooth car kit. I’m also thinking about upgrading my Thinkpad to one with bluetooth so that I could MRouter via bluetooth to it and then out, either via my home wireless network or whatever network I’m on.

It’s going back to a two box solution. I’m also going to pick up a 1gb SD card they’re going for around 70ukp on right now which is a bargain. I paid that much for a 256mb card a few months back! So the T3 will get used as my MP3 player too. I can cope carrying two devices but three would be too much.

Treo 600 for sale

There’s changes a foot in my PDA portfolio. I’ve decided to give the Treo 600 the elbow. It just does everything ok, but nothing well….it’s that jack of all trades thing.

I’m looking to pick up/trade/swap it for a Tungsten T3.

drop me an email if you’re interested in negotiating

I’ve got a whole bunch of treo stuff I’ll chuck in including the book, how to do everything with your Treo.

more woes for BT

BT have had their payments from the NHS reduced as they’ve missed more deadlines, I’m sure so many people from lot’s of companies are so glad they never got involved in that project.

And get this… BT ran an airline tickets promotion for people signing up to broadband, and they are now drowning in the compliants, as they haven’t given people thier tickets…did they not remember the Hoover debarcle?..

First Week

Wow what a first week in my new role….must have clocked up 70 hours.. doing conf calls at 10.20 at night isn’t good for your health …surely!

briefly. met Hutchison network services, Level 3, had a disputes meeting with a partner, stayed at the City Inn, Westminster, it’s very red, but it is near Milbank tower which is the Labour parties HQ. Ate at Wagammas noodle bar, the wife misheard me and thought I said canoodle bar! Daily calls with a large uk partner on a v.large deal that is coming to a close (it’s that $1bn one)

Also met the UK government and listened to them talk about how they are trying to stimulate broadband growth in the UK. All very interesting and we’ll be getting back to them on our ideas and thoughts in this area. Not sure if I agree with their plans (they are the labour party after all…sorry twice in one post!) but it’s a start I supposes. One of the attendees reported directly into No 10. the other attendees from the government were all very quiet when he was in the room, when he left they all opened up a bit.

I’ve already got plans to go to Stockholm and New York all in the next 4 to 6 weeks and it’s only been a week!

My agenda is full of daily calls on all sorts of projects to do with telecoms and I’m on first name terms with 3 vice presidents….so all in all not a bad week….off to the pub now I think I need a beer.


I’ve moved up to the EMEA Purchased Telecoms Manager role. That was my hush hush news from yesterday. I now look after all the regions North, Central, West etc etc. It’s gonna be a challenge but I’m sure it’ll be very interesting too. So I’m now responsible for all IBM EMEA’s purchased telecoms.