is BT is holding back the SMB?

I’ve been having some discussions around SLA’s with a major UK Telco the last few days and a lot of the discussion have been around the 20 hour fix time for DSL. BT (they aren’t the same Telco with whom I’ve been having the discussions) won’t put the same level of service and the same commitment to fix DSL as it will on a leased line.

Why you ask, well if it did who’d buy leased lines when you can have twice the bandwidth at a fraction of the cost with DSL. We know that BT’s revenue would be cut by a huge chunk if it did put the same sort of service wrap around DSL as it did around leased lines for instance. Within my own experience I’d easily place a bet on 60% being of the 63k to 256k size, so it just won’t do it.

So who’s suffering, it’s got to be the small to medium business, the one that can’t afford the huge monthly costs of a leased line. These businesses need this connectivity and if we want a vibrant and growing ‘e’conomy then these businesses have to get the service they need at the price they can afford and that’s DSL with a decent service wrap.

Maybe the service doesn’t need to be fixed within 4 hours, maybe 8 would do, so there’s some chance of it getting fixed before the next working day is there.

So whilst BT are still allowed to get away with that level of service and nobody can force them to change, surely they’re are holding back the growth of the UK.

The Scoble post

This might turn out to be the next big game in blogging, but we’ll see. I’ve made a note of all my referrers and bandwidth used, so we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, to the point ….Robert Scoble had pointed out that linking works to generating enw traffic to blogs

The question really is … is the blog good enough for the new traffic to stick?…we’ll see.

I also know how many people subscribe to my blog (via bloglines) so we can see if any traffic stays.

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