Fried Treo

I’m getting a little fed up now of my retractable sync cable. Unless you put it in perfect first time, it shorts out the connectors at the bottom and fries the treo. The next thing you see is the Palm logo. Not good.

The last couple of times this happened a quick hot sync and all the apps and configs where put back. Yesterday it put back a right mess. No versamail, no WEA client, the list goes on. SO I’m not very impressed. I think I’ll have to start using the real sync cable whilst at home and just use the retractable one for travelling (where the impact of shorting is huge!)

Can anybody recommend a make for a retractable sync cable that they’ve used without problem?
ithout problem?

Unbundling in the DSL market.

BT’s shares were downgraded to ‘underperform‘ which isn’t good news for BT. The news cam on the back of C&W’s plans to develop it’s products within the DSL market place now that it had acquired Bulldog. I wonder what fix time C&W would give for it’s DSL service? So it looks like some of the bigger players are moving into the market that has been predominantly occupied by the smaller companies Bulldog, Nildram etc.

But the move by C&W is interesting as it had previously concentrated on the business customer as it sold it’s consumer division to NTL (Maybe swapped would be a better word). So are C&W starting to go after the UK residential customers head to head with it’s old rival NTL?