The Mobile Phone Directory

The Mobile Phone Directory is a free resource intended to appeal to everyone interested in mobile phone communications, providing information about all aspects of mobile telecommunications from the history of the mobile phone through to today’s technological gadgets. So, whether you are planning to buy a mobile phone, are puzzled by what the jargon means, or are merely curious about the issues involved, then you will find something on our website to interest you. The site is divided into four sections: Glossary of terms, Technology, Phones, and News.

Looks good, just picked it up from Russ’s site so gonna go over there now and check it out.

UPDATE: OK I’ve had a surf around the site and to be honest it’s a bit thin. What I mean by thin is there’s not a right lot there, a guide to most handsets, ctrl c and ctrl v’d from the manufacturers website plus a RSS news feed aggregator to drag all mobile news together from the mobile based sites and blogs. Can’t really spot the USP just yet, but maybe the comparison engine that the site mentions is it…we’ll see.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Leon has dropped me an email from the MPD and advised me that “we won’t include direct
quotes from the manufacturers. Instead, we research review sites, look at
network-modified versions of the phones, go through the manuals for every
handset, and try to provide an accurate representation for what will come in
the box when you pick it up, rather than what the manufacturer wants you to
” So maybe I was wrong to suggest that it’s cut and paste from the manufacturers sites.

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