Ofcom – The Communications Market 2004

This came out back on the the 11th of August, so sorry if you’ve already read this but it’s worth a glance..

There are fundamental economic shifts in the landscape with long-term significance. For the first time ever, subscription revenue is greater than advertising revenue in the television industry; while, in telecommunications, revenues from mobile have outstripped those from residential fixed-line telephony.
How consumers are using their time has changed dramatically as well. Between 1999 and 2003:

* Time spent online increased eight-fold (average of 2 hours a week on dial-up in 1999 to a reported 16 hours a week in broadband households in mid 2004).
* Time spent on mobile phone calls almost tripled (average of 10 minutes a week to 27 minutes).
* Text messages increased fifteen-fold (average of 1 a week to 15 a week).
* Radio listening increased by 6 per cent (41.2 hours per household per week to 43.5 hours).
* Television viewing increased by 2 per cent (25.6 hours per household per week to 26.1 hours).

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