The PO takes on BT

The Post Office is to use its strong brand, and C&W’s network, to take on BT in the residential phone market with its HomePhone service.

It will join other C&W customers such as Tescos, British Gas and Lloyds bank in offering customer pre-select (CPS) services to homes and small businesses and carve out a chunk of the ex-monopoly’s 21 million customers.

The Post Office will restrict itself to selling the service. It has brought in Inkfish to provide call centre support and Servista to handle customer care and billing. The service is to go live “early next year”, according to a spokesman. [via]

After BT split from the Post Office many moons ago, it looks like the Post office is entering the fixed line domestic market place. There’s already loads to choose from Talk Talk, SkyTalk and so on. It may do OK as it’s a brand most people feel it can trust, unless it’s been hurt too badly by the lost mail problems it’s been suffering from.

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