CPE brand doesn’t matter to buyers

Last month, the Webtorials community was asked to respond to a survey concerning their plans and preferences for customer premises equipment (CPE). [via Network World Fusion]

One of the key factors for providing a reliable service is MTBF. Mean time before failure gives you a good view of how good a product is. You want to buy a product that does what it says on the tin and you want to know it’ll go on doing it without any hassle for as long as possible.

Like most peices of technology (and software) we very rarely push it too it’s limit’s so having a huge feature set itsn’t the be all and end all. The key point is it does what is says on the box and it does it for a long time.

I once did a calculation based on how much cisco kit we had in a computer suite and the MTBF for the most common box and it worked out one could fail each six week!

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