Company Mobiles..who’d have one?

‘Company mobile phone’ low down the perk pecking-order…and nobody really knows who should dish them out…’

Very few companies are giving staff mobile phones as a standard ‘perk’ or even as a work necessity.

Research from has revealed that a massive 43.3 per cent of IT workers adopt an almost incredulous ‘I’d be lucky’ attitude when asked about their company’s mobile phone policy, despite the multitude of reasons why such a policy is necessary.

One IT Director told “The difference between work time and personal time is so blurred now, especially for staff who have out-of-hours support responsibilities. Rightly or wrongly, managers now expect most of their staff to be contactable in the event of an urgent business problem and it’s a bit much to expect the employees to pay for this ‘privilege’.” Even with those companies who do offer staff a work mobile phone, there is no consensus over who should manage such a scheme. [via]

If you don’t know what to do, I know who does, it’s not rocket science!

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