VNO cont.

Broadwatch backs up my points about the likes of the VNO’s trying to steal a march on the big hitters in the industry.

But while Muirhead is optimistic that the Nexagent approach of flexible, multisourced VPNs suits all parties, the company faces tough competition in the form of the incumbent international VPN providers, all of which have their eyes on capturing as much of the growing enterprise IT budgets for themselves.

At a recent London carrier event, Cable & Wireless plc (NYSE: CWP), Global Crossing Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq: GLBC), MCI (Nasdaq: WCOEQ, MCWEQ), and Sprint Corp. (NYSE: FON) were all pushing their credentials as premium providers of single-sourced international VPNs.

In addition, AT&T Global Network Services, BT Global Services, Equant (NYSE: ENT; Paris: EQU), and Infonet Services Corp. (NYSE: IN) are all heavy hitters that continue to sign new VPN customers — and they’ll want to keep the lion’s share of revenues, and customer control, to themselves.

BTW Charlie Muirhead was 28 when he setup Nexagent…cripes!

Get a Grip!

I totally, agree with Robert Hamilton here (MMS to Landlines)…MMS isn’t exactly causing the cash tills to overflow. Do they seriously expect us all to go out and buy new (proably v.expensive with colour displays)fixed line phones? Most people using this technology aren’t exactly Luddites, so will probably have email where they can receive the pictures anywhere. Yes please Siemens and Alcatel, I want to buy yet another v.expensive phone and be tied to a cord to receive pictures! …er sorry for ranting but people rightly do need to get a grip.