BT stuffing up NHS contract

BT have today had to pay the NHS a six figure sum, for missing a couple of deadlines. Even though BT have had to stump up the cash, both sides report that everything is rosy. Yeah I bet, BT are probably steaming, this is a big contract for them and it’s in the press they’re messing up..not good PR. But if they are paying out those some in the early days, what must the penalties be like towards the critical end of the project..ouch!.

BT are under huge pressure and Talk Talk has vowed to take more customers away from them in the stronghold of the domestic market. It was also reported in yesterdays Guardian that BT had frozen it’s exec’s pay. BT has a big battle on it’s hands to hang on to the customers it’s got.

I’m sure there’ll be more good news for them in the coming weeks though.

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