Naked DSL

Recently it’s become clear and often quoted, that wireless is for voice, DSL is for Internet. The problem in the current market is if you want DSL you get voice too! But now Naked DSL is hitting the business market and I’m sure it won’t be too long before it hits the consumer market place.

My bet is it’ll be a tad more expensive. Yes, naked DSL without voice will cost more than DSL with voice. Why? you ask, because, when you pay for the voice part, some of the money goes to the maintenance, with naked there’s no voice revenue, so some money will need to be added to cover the maintenance costs. But it’ll be cheaper overall, as you don’t need to pay BT anything…oh music to my ears!

So the UK DSL consumer market place will be made up of people who need a fixed telephone line and DSL, paying either just BT, or BT and a.n.other (pipex, whoever!) and those people who use a mobile for all their voice calls and have naked DSL into their home/work place, a couple of steps closer to the always on, always contactable panacea. Whatever happens its even more competition which in turn should mean it’s better for the consumer.

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