Smart Phones sales growing

Sales in PDA’s are slumping, but sales in smart phones are growing with the Treo 600 making up a large proportion of Plamone’s sales. HP is winning the PDA market with a 24.8% growth in hand held sales. Just from general surfing around it’s clear that the Treo 600 is a hugely successful product and lots of people who previously had no experience of either a smart phone or PDA, have taken the leap with the Treo.

My own experience now of the treo is a good one, but I couldn’t cope with just a single device. The 610 looks an interesting device but I’m not sure whether it’d be worth upgrading to it. My own preference is for two devices, I use the Treo for day-to-day business, the integrated calendar etc is priceless, but at the weekend, lugging such a large device around is not something I enjoy. I’m always a bit nervous carrying a device with all my contacts etc on, down to the pub. Therefore, I’ve got an Ericsson T610 (too many 610’s!), which I use at weekends or for evenings out. This suits me much better than having just a single device, even though the Treo is a cool product, which adds a great deal of flexibility to my everyday productivity.

even though I was a

even though I was a beta tester for typepad I never took up thier offer of a cheaper blog. But I’ve gone back and had another play with their free trial period. I intend to see how good I can make the basic package look and then make a decision on whether to just archive of this blog, or maybe keep it going for stuff that doesn’t fit the new one..not sure.

But I’m gonna go look again at some of the blogs I like and see what I like about them and try and replicate that over a firewal

things still don’t appear to

things still don’t appear to be picking up, sales of PC’s are increasing but the telecoms space is still suffering. An exec from Qwest recently indicated a gloomy future within the industry. Both NTL and Telewest have announced increases in their broadband speeds in attempt to either keep customers and entice more customers to join them. NTL according to the business sections of the sunday papers are in trouble and bet their future on a strategy that isn’t paying off for them.

still haven’t done a right

still haven’t done a right lot here..still no ‘about me’…been working on a new secret this space. There’s been no movement on this years adventure, last years West Wales Walk was great, nothing planned so far for this year. We cancelled a possible holiday for the first week in may, we’re gonna do something for a bit longer in the some holidays instead.

I’ve had a few problems

I’ve had a few problems recently whilst hotsynching with the retractable USB cable. It seems as if the connector ‘shorts’ out the palm if incorrectly aligned. This then causes the palm to hard reset and I of course loose all the data…not good.

Hand/RSS This application allows you


This application allows you to read rss feeds from your websites/blogs. It comes with a preset list of subscriptions which can be easily edited. I’ve added in my fav sites and it reads in the xml without any problems. The only glitch I’ve found is that I emailed myself a list of other feeds and then tried to paste them into Hand/RSS but it would work. The screen that allows you to enter new feeds doesn’t have the menu option of edit, so I couldn’t paste in the feeds. It doesn’t like Russ Beattie’s blog either, I don’t know why. Anyway a slick app that lets you read xml feeds either at set intervals or on demand.