IBM and Cisco

IBM and Cisco have been working together for a while on bringing the infrastructure kit closer together. The idea, I think it to use technology to help fix some of the problems data centres have encountered in the past.

The companies will add to this, starting in June, when Cisco’s Intelligent Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module (IGESM) is integrated with IBM’s BladeCenter systems. IBM reckons the Cisco gear will help improve the security, quality-of-service levels, multicast technology and management of its blade servers. Both companies will help customers design blade systems to make the best use of the products. – Via The Register

This is the bit of the story I like “IBM has warm bodies in its services group standing by to greet the new product in June.” …That’s my team!.. well here in the UK anyway.

The key point here is it links the two largest suppliers together. If you already buy Cisco kit, then it’ll now pay to buy IBM kit to go with it. And vice versa, if you buy IBM kit then you can get more from it if you buy Cisco networking kit. This is something I’ll be keeping my eye on this technology and see how it impacts the actual day to day support of the infrastructure.

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