Google IPO

As you’ve probably noticed Google have announced their intention of an IPO. Not exactly ground breaking news I’m bringing you here but, the interesting things is how secret they are about the technology behind the clean simple web page.

People from Google have indicated that each server has things like 2 x 40gb hd’s and then announce that the total disk space is so many zilllion gb’s. But people have done the maths, and it’s either a lot more gb’s per server or a lot more servers then their letting on. On the subject of number of servers, one insider was quoted as saying they had 10,000 servers, but people believe it’s closer to 100,000!

The reason I guess for all the secrecy is, if they came out with hard facts, the likes of Yahoo, etc would go, OK now we know how much hardware we need, therefore we know how much it’s gonna cost us to compete. I don’t think that’s in Google interest if they wish to stay ahead of the pack. So is it poor asset management (here’s a clue..non) or clever thinking about how to stay ahead of the game?

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