Smart Phones sales growing

Sales in PDA’s are slumping, but sales in smart phones are growing with the Treo 600 making up a large proportion of Plamone’s sales. HP is winning the PDA market with a 24.8% growth in hand held sales. Just from general surfing around it’s clear that the Treo 600 is a hugely successful product and lots of people who previously had no experience of either a smart phone or PDA, have taken the leap with the Treo.

My own experience now of the treo is a good one, but I couldn’t cope with just a single device. The 610 looks an interesting device but I’m not sure whether it’d be worth upgrading to it. My own preference is for two devices, I use the Treo for day-to-day business, the integrated calendar etc is priceless, but at the weekend, lugging such a large device around is not something I enjoy. I’m always a bit nervous carrying a device with all my contacts etc on, down to the pub. Therefore, I’ve got an Ericsson T610 (too many 610’s!), which I use at weekends or for evenings out. This suits me much better than having just a single device, even though the Treo is a cool product, which adds a great deal of flexibility to my everyday productivity.

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