more looks like the

more looks like the sale of symbian may go through to nokia..what effect is that gonna have on sony-ericsson as they use symbian on the p800 and p900 phones?

A Palm source insider suggested that SE may jump to the Palm OS.

as a plam person, i’d think that’s the desgin of SE and the OS of palm will create some killer devices…just take a look at the new SE phone the K700

I’ve started a blog at

I’ve started a blog at work which is good

I took the plunge and bought a Treo far so good….it’s just the best gadget I’ve owned.

I’ll create a “what’s on my Treo 600” list at some point

I’ve also bought a digital camcorder..having some fun with that at the to look at the connection to the pc soon.

got that from here but

got that from here

but the posts from w.blogger have been picked up but it hasn’t picked out the title..that’s because i think w.blooger doesn’t produce a title..

UPDATE: i ditched it…both vegablog and mfop2 don’t pick up the title the side bar recent posts…has gaps..not it’s gone.