..i’ve ditched feedreader as it

..i’ve ditched feedreader as it can’t cope with atom, btw atom was written by an IBMer, anyway..so I’ve been hunting around to find a decent one, i’ve already installed, failed to get working and ditched another tool, but I think I may have found the answer.

I use 2 PC’s a laptop at work and when out and about and a desktop at home (it’s a nicer keyboard at home ok!). Rocketinfo has a web based rss aggregation service, this means I can use the same tool in both locations from both PC’s without having to re-enter or track the same sites. I wasted about an hour getting feedreader synched between the two pc’s before..not good. So i’m gonna subscribe for the free service and see how it goes.

a peice on writing and

a peice on writing and thinking to improve your journalism by Rebecca. The article goes over writing style and setting out time to think about what you intend to write. What with my spelling and grammer I need all the help I can get so I’ll try and read as much of it as I can between mopping up sick and going to work. Interesting stuff though. I’ve thought about studing journalism in the past, but I think I’ve spent enough time studying…oh far too long.

I’ve purchased a 256mb card

I’ve purchased a 256mb card from Expansys, it’s made by toshiba, but it’s got the expansys brand logo on the front so not a bad deal. I’ve managed to squeeze 7 albums onto it so far and there’s 60mb left, so I should get another 2 plus a few favorite tracks onto it.

My original calculation of 10 albums went wrong, when the treo reads the card as 243mb available after formatting..hmm..13mb lost by formatting is that right??

I re-ripped all my own CD’s using the lowest mp3 format making each album around 20mb,

Anyway, it’s about 8 hours of music which isn’t bad, or a lot more if you select shuffle.

BTW. I’m using pocket tunes to play the mp3’s so far so good.