Bluejacking I thought I’d give


I thought I’d give it a whirl as I was trundling around Cheshire oaks and I was amazed as to how may Bluetooth enable phones I could pick up. However, each attempt failed.

I tried again later in the evening in Sainsbury’s and again working around Chester’s JS store I was shocked as to how many bluetooth enabled phones I could see, at one point near the tills I’d picked up 10 phones. Kev and Ian will have a bit of a shock when they next look at there phones as it’ll read “You’ve been Bluejacked!!” across their screen. I guess they’ll panic as to what else has happened to their phone.

If you didn’t know all the fuss was about you could think somebody has wiped your memory, stolen you contacts, put a virus on your phone all sorts of different things.

But it was all a bit of an anticlimax really, you couldn’t tell who you’d ‘jacked so there wasn’t much fun in the whole activity…might try it again, I might not,…I guess it depends upon how bored I get.

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