one step closer to multiple

one step closer to multiple web hosting..

C:Documents and SettingsRob>arp -a

Interface: — 0x2
Internet Address Physical Address Type 00-80-ad-ba-dc-41 dynamic 00-04-ac-6e-9e-50 dynamic 00-04-ac-6e-9e-50 dynamic

same MAC address different IP address!

I’ve jsut configured an eth0:01 logical interface on the same physical ethernet card.

More linux achievements.. apache is

More linux achievements..

apache is running ok still..and now so id vsftp which allows me to ftp from the XP box to the linux box once I’ve edited the web pages in dreamweaver…cool.

I’ve also started on the PERL programing, so I’ve written my first PERL program..horah!

I’ve used perl in previous lives for web site searches etc, which was always hacking variables within somebody else code to suit your needs.

Gaim, not too much luck here, loaded the correct MSN service and entered the correct user name and password, but it failed on incorrect port? anybody any ideas?…I jumped over to the XP box to see if there was any clues in the app but none. Doh…I forgot to use netstat upon starting MSN to see what it said…I’ll give that another try later.

linux the story so far..

linux the story so far..

linux is on and up and running…apache is going to ..took a while to figure out you had to turn on the service but it works fine now..

I’ve got about 2gb of space to host various web sites so that should be fine.

so finally my various web sites are hosted by apache and running nicely.

I bought a KVM switch is cool, two presses of scroll lock and I can jump between XP and

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another box.. the box II

another box..

the box II had high hopes for is going to be ditched and replaced by a pentium 2, 6gb 128mb machine, so that’s a bit more umph than the P75 8mb 1gb machine that is currently hosting a couple of web sites for me. I must say that it does the job just fine, but I can’t host multiple domains and therefore it has to go.

So i’ll try and write up the trials and tribulations on installing linux (red hat 9) from scratch and then all the other stuff I hope to do with it, Apache, MT etc etc….

Spidering hacks

It’s turned up at last, Amazon finally delivered it, so I’ll hv some fun writing bot’s to search the web, but first things first the linux box needs to be up and running.


I think I’ll invest in a KVM box so that I can switch easily between the 2 boxes currently under the desk. I don’t think I can be arsed with exporting windows in XP at the moment…but we’ll see.

Voice quality Just been playing

Voice quality

Just been playing with voice over MSN and it’s pretty good, I’d say slightly better than a landline and better than a mobile. However, some packets are dropped and theres the odd half a second of silence, I guess some router some where is throttling back as it’s busy.