Palm or Symbian? I’ve recently

Palm or Symbian?

I’ve recently only considered the palm Operating System as the only OS worth using. I originally started out with PSION (3c 1mb) running it’s own PSION OS. Then PSION created a separate company with partners such as nokia, ericsson etc called Symbian. Not a lot happen for a while and some partners sold out and moved on, but symbiam is starting to build up a significant following.

Your average consumer may have a DVD player, a PC and possibly a digital camera, but he/she is unlikely to have a palm top computer or a PDA. But nearly ever man women and dog has a mobile phone these days, with some people even having two. Therefore the first exposure to a small PDA OS may be the one that’s running their mobile phone.

The average consumer is unlikely to buy a Treo 600 as it’s far to big and much too complicated for simply making and receiving calls. Therefore phones such as Nokia’s 6600 may well be people’s first exposure to this bread of OS. This could be a huge win for Symbiam, as once they’ve got people hooked and familar with it’s layout, people may be reluctant to change once they invested the time in learing their way around the small OS.

As a result of this, could Symbian grow to overtake Palm in this market place…I think they will.

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