got the web cam working

got the web cam working again

..I’m off on a course for 2 days so I thought I’d get the web cam working again. So if you’re on MSM you’ll be able to see me. But I need to buy another camera for the laptop so that I can have a conversation over the ‘tinternet’ to Em and lainey!

So off into town soon to check out what’s on offer in the web cam market, or I might do the usual and buy it from which is a pretty relaible way of buying electronic kit.


It’s growing on me how good this little phone is. There are a few minor quibls such as when sending a tex to somebody from the phonebook, it gives you the option of sending the tet to the landline, ie. it doesn’t only show you mobile numbers. It’d be nice if it only gave you the option to send text messages to those mobiles listed in your phonebook it’d make searching for the name quicker too!

Matrix reloaded

It’s out and it’s only 16.99ukp at Sainsbury’s which is cool as I have 4 Nectar vouchers for JS with a value of 10ukp as I buy so much petrol per month, normally around 200ukp and I’m not even a rep!. So Reloaded for 6.99 great stuff.

and a little under a month until the new film is due…

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Going Completely Wireless…hmm Just been

Going Completely Wireless…hmm

Just been reading the article of called “Going completely Wireless” over at the Wireless Business and Technology magazine. Interesting stuff..but I’ve been totally wireless for over a year now.

The data network is wireless 802.11b, Both voice networks are wireless, the home one being DECT and the other GSM. The GSM network is interesting for data too, as in the past I’ve taken advantage of Oranges HSCD network to get 38kps out of my Nokia 6310i and now I’ve been able to get a similar speed using GPRS out of my other phone the Sony Ericsson T610. The latest wireless thing in the house is the baby monitor and we know what that did to the phone!

The last and most recent project to find people in Chester interested in starting a CAN is proving pretty hopeless. I’ve only found one mention of ADSL on all the Chester related forums. So not much joy there. Fingers crossed Chester can’t be a ludite city!

Sony Ericsson T610 I guess

Sony Ericsson T610

I guess the other news here is that I’ve purchased a T610, great little phone. I’ve allways been a fan of ericsson and this little phone is just great. It’s built in eMail client is great and a bit easier to use on the larger screen than the T39 I used to have last year. There are thousands of reviews out there so I’m not bothering. But it’ll get a mentioned/describe my email on the move setup.

bike news OK so i’m

bike news

OK so i’m not incompetent after all. I tried to adjust the front mech on my specialized rockhopper last week only to find that it completely failed. So I wasn’t amused. So it’s been down the local bike shop and a new shimano front mech has been purchased and installed for a small amount of cash. It all now works perfect. The reason it failed completely was that the return spring had broken…phew it wasn’t me being an ediot.

I also purchased a set or road tyres, Nimbus Armidillo, for winter training on the road.